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System Design and Support is a computer consulting and software development firm in Philadelphia, PA.

Systems Design and Support is the company you need to help plan and implement or modernize your company's MIS systems for the 21st century. SDS specializes in taking your investment in mainframe systems to the next logical levels of multi-tiered graphical user interfaces and distributed processes and data. If you are looking to implement new web based user interfaces, and systems using mainframe resources and data that are already in place but need to migrate toward the new economy, you should look to SDS to provide assistance and expertise.

System Design and Support primarily employs only senior technicians and technical managers with extensive experience. System Design and Support has a staff of self-motivated, senior IT professionals with a proven history of designing, developing and delivering productions systems for large-scale organizations. Our staff has worked for a variety or organizations, such as IBM, prestigious software vendors and large consulting firms and businesses.

Many of today's real business systems run in a split environment. They are [IBM] host based processing systems with supporting middleware and client-server user platforms. This environment is very complex and in a state of change. To keep these systems productive while evolving new systems with more user friendly interfaces is a big challenge. Expert planning allows components to interface properly and provide systems to evolve without unexpected problems.

Our people are unique in their field and known for getting the job done. They have designed, developed, supported, and enhanced applications written on IBM mainframe systems for many years. They understand the IBM environment as well as the applications itself. They grew up with multi-tier architectures, large databases and critical production schedules. Their knowledge of mid-range and micro-processor platforms along with the ability to access the needs of your company will let you bridge the gap to today's technology.

Fred Schuff 
Technology and Projects

Fred has been working with MIS technology for over thirty years. He holds a Masters degree in Management, an MBA, and a BS in Engineering. This analytical background provides Fred with the ability to create new and innovative solutions for today's business and technology problems. Solutions are based on this continuous, hands-on experience in the current marketplace along with a very practical understanding of the fundamental concepts and interactions of MIS components. Coupled with responsible judgment, his approach is to strive for practical and achievable business results.
Fred has worked in almost every area of the MIS field and in multiple industries. This varied background means that your business problem is not "unique". He has written over 50 technical articles for many of the technical magazines and journals in the MIS field. View Resume 

Jackie Schuff
Marketing and Sales

Jackie brings a different point of view to the MIS Marketing and Sales department. With a background in a variety of sales areas, she is not bound by the standard attitudes and processes that exist in the MIS Consulting and Contracting businesses. The focus of our marketing department is to create a solid working relationship with our clients rather than just expanding the number of clients. Satisfaction and customer service is the SDS barometer.

System, Design and Support. Inc.** Wayne, PA