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Success - Dedication - Satisfaction

SDS has the privilege of knowing and working with many of the finest MIS professionals in this region. We can therefore find more people (sub-contract with these qualified experts) on an as-needed basis to meet your project's specific requirements with quality people. (We like "people" rather than "resources".) We select people with excellent track records, many of whom we have directly worked with before. Our staff choices are based on trust, reliability, expertise, and professionalism. If SDS can not find the right person or persons for your requirements, then we will suggest that you try another source or direct you to one we feel can meet your immediate needs.
The people provided by SDS work for YOU. Their first goal is to support your company. We at SDS make every effort ensure your satisfaction. We make sure our sub-contractors are compatible with your organization and in-step with your objectives. SDS keeps in close touch with these individuals as well as your staff to assure the success of your project.
Success, Dedication and Satisfaction are our goals!

Areas of Specialization

  • System Design

    • New or enhancements

  • System Integration

    • Enhance mainframe systems

    • Web-enable mainframe systems

    • Interface with Client/Server

  • Project Management

    • Technical direction

    • Management reporting

  • Software Customization

    • User requirements

    • Exits or processing routines

    • Business flexibility

  • Software Development

    • New systems

    • Catch up backlogs

    • Fix problems

  • System Performance

    • Evaluate existing systems

    • Benchmark new systems

    • Estimate life-cycle

  • Standards

  • Conversions

    • New hardware

    • New Operating System

    • New environment

  • Upgrades and Testing

    • Packages

  • System Support

    • 7x24 support

    • Replace staff on new projects

    • Maintain existing systems

Our development environment provides an environment for development and experimentation with new technology. The network is shown below:


System, Design and Support. Inc.** Wayne, PA